26 April 2018

Creation vs consumption

I recently wrote about my experience of struggling with attention in the digital world. Recently, I went on a Twitter hiatus of 1 week & later on extended it to 1 month after results. I’m feeling much calmer, focused & most importantly creating more than I consume & it feels great.

18 January 2018

Getting my attention back

Recently, I started working as an Independent designer. Being independent comes a lot of responsibilities like marketing, time management & business growth. But one of the things I particularly struggle with is focus & attention while working.

1 January 2018

Reflections & looking forward

New year resolution are often attempts to drastic changes in life. Though, I believe in breaking goals in small parts & constantly iterating them. But I think it’s worth the effort to make some changes on how I want to spend my time. 2017 was a year full of learnings, adventure & setbacks.