About me

Hi, I'm Nishant, a product designer based out of Gurgaon (India). I believe in deep relationships, and the best stories are the ones that stick with you for a lifetime. I help companies create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers with a good understanding of the problem, constraints & business objectives. In my free time, I'm reading books, traveling or doing experiments.

Hire me

I'm product designer specializing in iOS, Android, and web. To build perspective & gain skills, I prefer to take on projects that are interesting, challenging or are in-verticals where I have little experience. However, if you have a fun project that solves a real problem, I'm happy to chat about it. I will only accept your project if I believe the value you receive from my services will be greater than the money you spend.


I enjoy talking design, photography and books. If you want to discuss over coffee or just want to say hi, feel free to email me! hi@nishant.site